Do you see this as half empty or half full?

Do you see this as half empty or half full?

About 20 years ago I had a profound experience reading The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.  I was so pumped up, that I told everyone I met to read this book.

The funny thing is, over time, I’ve completely forgotten what was so great about that book.  So 10 years ago, I  purchased it again.  Then I lost it.

This past week, I bought my 3rd copy, this time on Kindle, and started diving back in.  It’s strange to re-read something that was once so eye-opening.  I can see my old self being blown away by simple advice that has now been integrated into my being.

The Mental Bank

I was skimming through last night and came across the concept of the mental bank.  It’s what Schwartz calls your mindset.  You can put in positive thought deposits or negative.  Each one will accrue and grow just like financial deposits do.  So if you tend to see things as negative, you continually fill your mental thought bank with these negative deposits which grow and grow blocking any positive deposits.  As time goes on, it gets harder and harder for the positive to get in.  It first needs to cancel out the negative.

If you regularly deposit positive thoughts, you effectively cancel out any negative thoughts that may enter from time to time.  As time goes by, you too leave little or no room for the negative to enter.

What you think is self-fulfilling.

If you focus on the negative, then you will prove yourself right.

So as you go to bed this evening, make some positive deposits.  Think of something you are grateful for.  Think of something wonderful you learned today.  Think of what you laughed about today.  And if you have no answers for those, then you have some work ahead of you.

The glass is always half full and half empty.  What you choose sets your path.

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