Musician Unions

Unions seem to be an antiquated notion in the information age. What started out as protecting drones on the factory line has become a bureaucratic mess for “knowledge workers.” But they have achieved amazing standards for many including actors, film crew...

Definition: Temp Tracks

Temp tracks are the music that directors or editor put into a film on a temporary basis to help convey the sense of what the final music will be. Temp tracks can be very helpful at times as music is the most abstract of arts. We can talk all we want but sometimes...

Process: The Sound Palette

Part of the Composer’s job is deciding what sounds to use. This palette is a consistent group of instruments or sounds. For the film Mrs. Worthington’s Party (former title Creche), I used an eclectic palette of Pizzicato bassi and celli, celesta, glockenspiel, tubular...
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